• Geography

  • Cottonwood is the southern gateway to Shasta County and the Shasta-Cascade Wonderland; at the crossroads of the Sacramento River, Cottonwood Creek and the Battle Creeks. Her broad, rich valleys are irrigated by gravity system waters and the outlying hill land is used as winter patter for some of the finest beef herds in the State.

    From Cottonwood, one can look north to Mt. Shasta, east to Mt. Lassen-the only active volcano in the 48 adjacent states, west to the Coastal Range and south over the rolling range land of the upper Sacramento Valley.

    Clean, smog-free days are the rule, not an occasion; and the seasons bring a pleasant change to the visual panorama that surrounds Cottonwood. An occasional snowfall in winter and the dry, hot summers provide the main ingrediants for a healthy living environment. Geographically located at the north end of the Sacramento Valley, we are within an hour of all the major recreational facilities in Northern California.